Over and Under…

26th March 2019

Gosh I have not posted anything in so long…..! Sorry Folks. I was clearly not made to be a professional blogger! Haha. Between a full time job, a part time job and a full time MSc that I do in my part time…the blog has suffered.

But also – I think sometimes when the writing stops when the healing starts. Since my last post – I think I am on that healing journey. A lot of the things I have thought about in hindsight. Isn’t hindsight a gift.

It’s been almost two months since I kicked my lovely boyfriend out in the middle of the night after discovering he had been cheating on me with multiple women. There’s lots of research and theories etc etc about why people do it including when in happy relationships.

All I know is that I trusted this person. It was as if we were made for each other but clearly something went wrong somewhere. Maybe it got boring. Maybe there was no ‘chasing’ anymore. Frankly, I don’t know. But as we were intimate the night this all went down, the one thing I found the most difficult was looking back and remembering the happy times. To be honest, all I did have were the good times. Anything I discovered and the reality of it was what I read within that awful hour. It was nothing compared to the millions of hours we spent together.

However, a wise (or an unwise) friend once said, to get over someone – you must get under someone. And folks – I don’t see myself going into a relationship any time soon. So I did what I assume most of you would’ve done once or twice. Go online! But arghhh the effort and work that is needed to get to know and meet a whole new person was just ridiculous so I lasted on Tinder for all of a few hours.

BUT in those few hours, I discovered a man (white, Scottish) who was 18 years my senior!!! Lets call him John (very Scottish ;-)). John and I ended up chatting and exchanged numbers. Because frankly guys my age (early 30s) are on extreme scales. . . or just automatically assume that they would peak my (or any other girls interest) by sending a dick pic. DEAR GUYS – PLEASE STOP. PLEASE STOP SENDING PICS WE’VE NEVER ASKED FOR.

When John and I started chatting – it escalated quickly to a lot of sexting. And the kind that gets you hot and bothered. SOOOO . . . one Friday night, I invited John over. He came in armed with two bottle of wine and I made dinner and was already on my second glass of wine to calm the nerves. But John being a man of experience and wisdom, put me right to ease and just kissed me.

Now his kisses weren’t the best. WHICH I THINK IS PERFECT. You’d want your boyfriend or someone you have fancied forever to kiss you that magical kiss. But what John did give me was a marathon of 5 hours of the best sex I’ve ever had in my life!!! I’ve read it in books and whatnot about these mythical super humans and I didn’t know John was one of those. Coz my GOD it was amazing and of course I told him so.

AND the best thing about this perfect arrangement is – I am not looking for a relationship. Neither his John. His wife actually passed away from cancer 3 year ago and although they were married for a month and half – they had been engaged for 16 years, bought a house together and raised a beautiful daughter who is now 12 years old.  And all the while he was talking a light bulb went off… I’ve MET JOHN BEFORE! That’s why he looked familiar. I was asked by a friend as a favour to facilitate a group of spouses who lost their Partner and 3 years ago I supported him in this group setting. Funny how small the world in.                   

The heart is the most precious thing to break… without ever making a sound (Part 3 of 3)

Sunday 3rd February 2019

Have you ever experienced that feeling of going absolutely blind! I think I went blind. Yes it was night time and yes the room was dark. But for a few seconds as my heart pounded away and my mind drawing a complete blank – my eyes just went blind.

It’s funny though – medically your heart has nothing to do with feelings. It’s job is not to fuse emotions together. It needs to pump blood. Yet research shows when experiencing ‘heartache’ there is an actual physical pain present in the chest (https://greatist.com/happiness/science-broken-heart)

Even recalling and writing it all out, that stabbing pain in my chest comes and goes. Sometimes it lingers. If I allow myself to think about it a bit more…that blinding feeling slowly makes it way up.

As I made my way though Seth’s phone, I realised all the girls he was chatting with were white / white European girls. I come from a mixed racial background and he is Sri Lankan whose ex girlfriend from about 7 years ago was Polish. The first things that came to my mind was – is he trying to replace her and is he targeting white women for a reason?

(Reader’s Note: There is absolutely no racial undertones (from my side) about different races. I am literally the most tolerant, anti racist person there could be. I’ve experienced racism multiple times myself but I have never been or ever will be racist. Life’s too precious for that crap).

So I decided to reply to his bumble messages first. . . I can’t remember what I had said but it was highlighting how long we had been going out for, how many girls there were in this equation ..and that I wouldn’t trust him as far as a can throw him.

I had one brilliant girl reply (from Bumble) she had only just started messaging him. She was absolutely gobsmacked and was that voice of courage that I needed that night. Pack your things and live him. You deserve so much better she had said. Only difference was that Seth was in my home and in my bed.

After I sent out the messages, I needed to do more. Now I know this sounds so petty and he might be able to recover it later… but I proceeded to delete thousands upon thousands of his precious photos on his phone. They were mostly of him but also a lot of girls (including his ex girlfriend’s sister!)

I was still on his phone when Seth slightly woke up to sip a drink of water. I plugged courage. Now or never I told myself. “Seth, I’ve read your Bumble messages’” I declared. He giggled over this and smiled (though half asleep) and he replied “yeah, what did it say”. At this point I jumped out of bed and switched the bedroom lights on. NO I said. I’ve read all your messages including Facebook and calmly handed his phone over. I also told him I had messaged some of the girls.

Meanwhile, I grabbed his clothes and turned around and said to him, ‘please get dressed and go right now…you’ve never been honest with me’. I think he was still very confused at this point. He sort of looked at me then scrunched his face and went on his phone to read things. I let him be as I went to the living room to fetch his jacket and scarf.

He was fully awake now but didn’t say a thing. “Quick hurry up” I said to him. He eventually got out of the bed and started putting his clothes on. “I’ll grab your shoes as well” I said. When I walked back into the room he looked at me and then looked at his phone and was scrolling.

“Hurry Up” I said again “You’ll have plenty of time to read that”. I suddenly started to shiver. I didn’t know whether it was the cold or the adrenaline or the anger that was making me shiver. Seth put his shoes on and I waited for him then led him towards the front door where I unlocked the latches and waited for him. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him though. I remember him pausing and looking at me. But he still didn’t say anything. As he stepped out of the flat . . . I slowly shut the door behind him and locked it again.

And then I went to bed.

“Little” Expectations

With a few days to Christmas, a sister who can give birth at any time and thoughts of ‘more’ with Dr Sam – i decided to take the plunge and meet him. We planned to go for a drink and then stay at a classy hotel but away from City. Dr Sam had picked me up and because he was driving, we decided to go to the hotel first and then go for drink nearby.

At the hotel check in, I actually felt like a right hooker! Wtf was i doing!? Meeting a stranger, at a hotel, in a place I hardly knew a lot about. Anyways, when we get to the room – my anxiety level was through the roof. Moral questions. Safety Questions and Sensible Questions made the whole experience feel questionable.

Dr Sam encouraged me to just relax and chit chat for a while. Of course I firmly took a place in a chair away from the bed for a good hour before agreeing to just go for a wee nap. Within a few minutes, Dr Sam had started kissing me and it felt good so I started relaxing a little. One thing of course led to another and the foreplay was good.

Until…. I got to his “little member”! Now I have heard guys and girls say – size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it! Right! Right!? Oh how wrong that saying is! Dr Sam had previously said “he wasn’t overly big” so I thought yeah ok not a big deal. But really it meant that when fully erect, he was probably the size of my pinkie finger if not smaller!!!!!!

Like if you were to give him a blow job…it would require someone to move their head a couple of inches up and down or not at all – it wouldn’t have made a difference!!!! (However on reflection I thought what a terrible shame. Like for him and future partners etc and not everyone is gifted. I should know, I have the smallest breasts in all my sisters even if it was a decent C Cup).

OK cool I thought, this will be ok! It’ll be ok! Oh dear god, how wrong was I! I didn’t feel a thing…maybe a wee scratch here and there 😹😹😹 but not a thing was felt in my down under! I saw his face and I knew he saw my disappointment so like millions of women out there – I (like Meg Ryan) knew how to fake it! I wish it was fake it till you make it but there was no making it here!

Dr Sam however continued to enjoy whatever was going on. And all I thought was – don’t yawn don’t yawn don’t yawn! I have never been so bored during sex my entire life! Even his foreplay was making me snooze a little. Mercifully it didn’t last longer than 10-12 minutes. I decided to shower and actually nap.

I woke up thinking – I actually don’t want to here. I’d rather be home with my sister then going through this again. So I shamefully made a story about my sister not being well and that she was alone in the house (this part was true). I told him to stay and enjoy and that I would be in touch. But while we were chatting, he also received a call to see a patient fairly urgently. I encouraged him to go. It made me feel so much better!

Once Dr Sam had left, I took my sweet time to relax and pack before getting the Uber back to my sisters place. I didn’t get in touch with Dr Sam after that and neither did he. This I was glad about as at least it meant that I wasn’t the one who had completely ghosted him but it was mutual. And thankfully this ends the chapter of my 2nd tinder rendezvous with the smallest penis i have ever encountered 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Tinder Date – Part Two (Down Under)…

December 2017

With Seth firmly behind in my thoughts (TBH I didn’t thinkwe would meet up again), I left for Melbourne Australia. My thoughts were onlyabout my sister and prayers to heaven for the safe arrival of my baby nephewand our family’s first grand child. Doctors had warned he was going to comeearly so be prepared. So I of course arrived first week in December.

But the sweet baby was taking his sweet time. It was now the week before Christmas and doctors were thinking…if the baby doesn’t come soon, we’ll have to induce labour. INDUCE LABOUR? What! We thought he’d come super early (two previous miscarriages were at 5.5 – 6 months due to pre term labour).

So while I waited, I got bored. I could’nt really ask myheavily pregnant sister to do much…so with Seth firmly only in memory now, Idecided to join Tinder again. See what Australian men were out there. Thisshould be exciting.

Very quickly I started speaking to a guy “Dr Sam”. He was eager to meet and there was a lot of sexting…the type you become hot and heavy about and decide to take care of yourself 😉 So Dr Sam (male) and Sam (Me, female) decide to meet up. We had a couple of drinks and eventually returned to where his GP surgery was. I was not feeling it plus I was at the end of my periods. So Dr Sam pulled a chair across from me and told me to relax. Now – I’m not sure about folks out there…but when someone tells me to relax…I CANNOT RELAX ON COMMAND.

But the thing I agreed to do was take my shoes off.Unbeknown to me. . . he quickly took a hold of my feet and just gently restedthem on his lap…very close to his crotch. But then he started massaging myfeet. And that was heaven. “Are your feet bloated from the heat or are you onyour periods”? he had asked. WTF! I thought, I didn’t tell him I was on myperiods. But decided to go with the heat excuse…I didn’t even know my feet were“bloated”! I’m a small UK size 4 in my feet (not anywhere else though haha)

Anyways, as Dr Sam massaged my feet and I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling. He suddenly plopped my toe in his mouth and started sucking it. Wait What Was Happening Here. This is disgusting, stop stop stop. . . would’ve been the appropriate response except I have no idea why but this rather disgusting act was incredibly sexual. He did a bit of over the shirt fooling about but gave me amazing neck kisses and I just whimpered.

However, reminding myself about my periods, my heavily pregnant sister who was home and the fact I was not going to be sleeping with this guy, I somehow found the courage to say no. He was good about that and stopped and let me freshen up before dropping me home. Of course once I got home that night, we started sexting a lot and I gave in and made plans to see him again for a bit more than a toe suck!

My not-so-sweet-Valentine

Happy (single) Valentines Day – AGAIN!

I’m 31 years old and can’t remember the last time someone gave me flowers for valentines. I can’t remember because it’s never happened.

Now I have been in two major relationships with two equally awful people in their own twisted ways. The second rather short and sudden one is the story of Seth.

About two weeks ago, I had popped along to my local Card Factory to buy one of my friend’s a birthday card. Seth and I had been invited to go bowling with a bunch of close friends, I was actually pretty excited to seeing everyone all together. While in the shop I was assaulted with all the obscene amount of Valentine’s Day shite on display. I mean it’s great if you have someone special but do you know that people are so lonely that UK now has a Loneliness Strategy!!!

But not to worry, this year is going to be different I had thought to myself. I have Seth and I cannot wait to spend time with him. My idea was for the two of us to get something nice from the supermarket and then come back to mine and have wine and candle-lit dinner. I didn’t actually want flowers – I think it’s crazy what they charge for flowers that will be sold for £2 the next day. But just this once, I wanted to feel loved. That there was another person out there who wanted to spend the time with me as I had with him.

So… I jinxed my luck and picked up a cute and only semi-cheesy valentines day card. Here it is folks…

Of course before I could give this to Seth and have my first amazing Valentine’s day…I had kicked him out of my flat in the middle of the night shortly after buying this card. So he will never get to see it but here’s a shout out to all the single gals and guys out there. I’ll be buying myself beautiful flowers on Friday. And tonight – I will have a party for one! I will light the candles, pour myself a glass of wine or two and make myself amazing dinner. So I don’t have anyone special to share it with. But I still have me.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MZgtCp8mtc

Today’s Theme Song: CYN: I’ll Still Have Me.  

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