Broken Toe and Mended Hearts

Saturday 20th January 2018

Despite my reservations about Seth, I was feeling rather lonely back in the cold and dark Scottish weather.

We arrange to meet up the first Saturday I was back home from Australia. I thought, I’ve got nothing to lose. Plus I did immensely enjoy his company when we first met.

So, we ended u going to a lush Indian restaurant with BYOB and he was lovely enough to remember to bring red wine. However, it was all a bit comical. He had hurt his toe in a football game and although dressed to the nines, he had flip flops on. It was hilarious.

We had the most amazing dinner and chat – we never ran out of things to talk about to the point we hadn’t realised that the restaurant had pretty much cleared around us and it was closing time.

Now because of his broken toe, we ended up taking a taxi back to my flat – which was a slow 5 minutes walk away. Once home, we settled in for the night and I thought hmmm maybe we shouldn’t be intimate given that we really only had been out once before today.

However, the thing about Seth and I was … we had a weird chemistry. Since like the first minute of meeting each other. It was the kind that goes through your veins. We ended up in a passionate kiss and have you ever heard of people describing of dizzying kisses! Seth and I had those dizzying kisses…the type that gives you a deep groan and moan.

Now you can argue, but Sam was it the kiss or was it the wine? (I also realise the red wine sometimes features heavily in my blogs…I promise you I am not an alcoholic but do love my glass of wine when I’m out haha!).

As the saying goes one thing led to another and Seth and his broken toe managed to lift me and put me against the wall or picked me up off the bed for amazing sex! The thing about Seth however was also that he was not selfish. I am sure he ought to be in pain…but he always made sure that I had a good time and it was another reason my heart grew fond of him very quickly.

Writing this today as a reflection makes this very bittersweet. How can I smile at a memory of a person who I now know is nothing but a vile and untrustworthy person.

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