New Arrival

Dr Sam and his little member was quickly forgotten about as I welcomed my first baby nephew – a true miracle that arrived a few days later on Christmas Day! He was and still is beautiful. I never quite understood the mountain of pictures and posts that people put up about babies till this wee gorgeous boy came into our lives.

Almost 2 weeks after his arrival I had gone for a solo trip to Sydney and stayed in the Bondi beach area in a shared Airbnb.

If you have never done a solo trip – do it!!! It’s crazy. There’ll be times of loneliness and times of sheer joy. There’s something amazing about being in your own company. I have done several solo trips before and each one has strengthened me.

I didn’t know I would require this strength for what I am now.

Meanwhile, Seth had been in touch sporadically all throughout the time I was away. I thought he was a bit keen and I wasn’t.

His lack of education and job prospects continued to bother me so I simply did not give him all that much thought.

A week or so later, I had to say goodbye to my baby nephew, sister and bro in law. And after a few “randomly selected” airport checks I had finally arrived back in the UK.

Ahh despite the sadness of missing Australia – it was so so good to be back home.

And the first message I got after landing was from Seth asking to meet up when I was back home!!!

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