“Little” Expectations

With a few days to Christmas, a sister who can give birth at any time and thoughts of ‘more’ with Dr Sam – i decided to take the plunge and meet him. We planned to go for a drink and then stay at a classy hotel but away from City. Dr Sam had picked me up and because he was driving, we decided to go to the hotel first and then go for drink nearby.

At the hotel check in, I actually felt like a right hooker! Wtf was i doing!? Meeting a stranger, at a hotel, in a place I hardly knew a lot about. Anyways, when we get to the room – my anxiety level was through the roof. Moral questions. Safety Questions and Sensible Questions made the whole experience feel questionable.

Dr Sam encouraged me to just relax and chit chat for a while. Of course I firmly took a place in a chair away from the bed for a good hour before agreeing to just go for a wee nap. Within a few minutes, Dr Sam had started kissing me and it felt good so I started relaxing a little. One thing of course led to another and the foreplay was good.

Until…. I got to his “little member”! Now I have heard guys and girls say – size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it! Right! Right!? Oh how wrong that saying is! Dr Sam had previously said “he wasn’t overly big” so I thought yeah ok not a big deal. But really it meant that when fully erect, he was probably the size of my pinkie finger if not smaller!!!!!!

Like if you were to give him a blow job…it would require someone to move their head a couple of inches up and down or not at all – it wouldn’t have made a difference!!!! (However on reflection I thought what a terrible shame. Like for him and future partners etc and not everyone is gifted. I should know, I have the smallest breasts in all my sisters even if it was a decent C Cup).

OK cool I thought, this will be ok! It’ll be ok! Oh dear god, how wrong was I! I didn’t feel a thing…maybe a wee scratch here and there 😹😹😹 but not a thing was felt in my down under! I saw his face and I knew he saw my disappointment so like millions of women out there – I (like Meg Ryan) knew how to fake it! I wish it was fake it till you make it but there was no making it here!

Dr Sam however continued to enjoy whatever was going on. And all I thought was – don’t yawn don’t yawn don’t yawn! I have never been so bored during sex my entire life! Even his foreplay was making me snooze a little. Mercifully it didn’t last longer than 10-12 minutes. I decided to shower and actually nap.

I woke up thinking – I actually don’t want to here. I’d rather be home with my sister then going through this again. So I shamefully made a story about my sister not being well and that she was alone in the house (this part was true). I told him to stay and enjoy and that I would be in touch. But while we were chatting, he also received a call to see a patient fairly urgently. I encouraged him to go. It made me feel so much better!

Once Dr Sam had left, I took my sweet time to relax and pack before getting the Uber back to my sisters place. I didn’t get in touch with Dr Sam after that and neither did he. This I was glad about as at least it meant that I wasn’t the one who had completely ghosted him but it was mutual. And thankfully this ends the chapter of my 2nd tinder rendezvous with the smallest penis i have ever encountered 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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