Tinder Date – Part Two (Down Under)…

December 2017

With Seth firmly behind in my thoughts (TBH I didn’t thinkwe would meet up again), I left for Melbourne Australia. My thoughts were onlyabout my sister and prayers to heaven for the safe arrival of my baby nephewand our family’s first grand child. Doctors had warned he was going to comeearly so be prepared. So I of course arrived first week in December.

But the sweet baby was taking his sweet time. It was now the week before Christmas and doctors were thinking…if the baby doesn’t come soon, we’ll have to induce labour. INDUCE LABOUR? What! We thought he’d come super early (two previous miscarriages were at 5.5 – 6 months due to pre term labour).

So while I waited, I got bored. I could’nt really ask myheavily pregnant sister to do much…so with Seth firmly only in memory now, Idecided to join Tinder again. See what Australian men were out there. Thisshould be exciting.

Very quickly I started speaking to a guy “Dr Sam”. He was eager to meet and there was a lot of sexting…the type you become hot and heavy about and decide to take care of yourself 😉 So Dr Sam (male) and Sam (Me, female) decide to meet up. We had a couple of drinks and eventually returned to where his GP surgery was. I was not feeling it plus I was at the end of my periods. So Dr Sam pulled a chair across from me and told me to relax. Now – I’m not sure about folks out there…but when someone tells me to relax…I CANNOT RELAX ON COMMAND.

But the thing I agreed to do was take my shoes off.Unbeknown to me. . . he quickly took a hold of my feet and just gently restedthem on his lap…very close to his crotch. But then he started massaging myfeet. And that was heaven. “Are your feet bloated from the heat or are you onyour periods”? he had asked. WTF! I thought, I didn’t tell him I was on myperiods. But decided to go with the heat excuse…I didn’t even know my feet were“bloated”! I’m a small UK size 4 in my feet (not anywhere else though haha)

Anyways, as Dr Sam massaged my feet and I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling. He suddenly plopped my toe in his mouth and started sucking it. Wait What Was Happening Here. This is disgusting, stop stop stop. . . would’ve been the appropriate response except I have no idea why but this rather disgusting act was incredibly sexual. He did a bit of over the shirt fooling about but gave me amazing neck kisses and I just whimpered.

However, reminding myself about my periods, my heavily pregnant sister who was home and the fact I was not going to be sleeping with this guy, I somehow found the courage to say no. He was good about that and stopped and let me freshen up before dropping me home. Of course once I got home that night, we started sexting a lot and I gave in and made plans to see him again for a bit more than a toe suck!

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