My not-so-sweet-Valentine

Happy (single) Valentines Day – AGAIN!

I’m 31 years old and can’t remember the last time someone gave me flowers for valentines. I can’t remember because it’s never happened.

Now I have been in two major relationships with two equally awful people in their own twisted ways. The second rather short and sudden one is the story of Seth.

About two weeks ago, I had popped along to my local Card Factory to buy one of my friend’s a birthday card. Seth and I had been invited to go bowling with a bunch of close friends, I was actually pretty excited to seeing everyone all together. While in the shop I was assaulted with all the obscene amount of Valentine’s Day shite on display. I mean it’s great if you have someone special but do you know that people are so lonely that UK now has a Loneliness Strategy!!!

But not to worry, this year is going to be different I had thought to myself. I have Seth and I cannot wait to spend time with him. My idea was for the two of us to get something nice from the supermarket and then come back to mine and have wine and candle-lit dinner. I didn’t actually want flowers – I think it’s crazy what they charge for flowers that will be sold for £2 the next day. But just this once, I wanted to feel loved. That there was another person out there who wanted to spend the time with me as I had with him.

So… I jinxed my luck and picked up a cute and only semi-cheesy valentines day card. Here it is folks…

Of course before I could give this to Seth and have my first amazing Valentine’s day…I had kicked him out of my flat in the middle of the night shortly after buying this card. So he will never get to see it but here’s a shout out to all the single gals and guys out there. I’ll be buying myself beautiful flowers on Friday. And tonight – I will have a party for one! I will light the candles, pour myself a glass of wine or two and make myself amazing dinner. So I don’t have anyone special to share it with. But I still have me.


Today’s Theme Song: CYN: I’ll Still Have Me.  

5 thoughts on “My not-so-sweet-Valentine

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  1. well, it’s sad, that you’ve never received flowers on the valentines! i’d definitely give you a bunch if i could because you are quite cute and just fun. and read that you started writing so as to heal. and i understand that because that’s how i started too. it’ll get better beautiful. you deserve the best. and you shall have the best, as and when it’s meant to be. do take care of yourself and your health. also are you indian? anyway, i wish you the best!

    with love


    1. Dear Srijan, many thanks for your beautiful words. Yes – it has been a healing process and blogging has been more of a reflective practice. Thank you for following and reading. No I’m not Indian however I am mixed race and I believe my great great grandad was somewhere from Nepal / India. We don’t know as accurate records were never kept when folks travelled from different continents. Best wishes, Sam


      1. well, i see! you seem really sweet and i wouldn’t want to see you upset. so i was wondering if you maybe wanted to share your pain w me? for at times, it’s easier to share your feeling w, someone, you dont know and also i just want to try on making you smile and maybe know as to what exactly you are going through. but even if you don’t, that is fine. i hope you take care of yourself and maybe gift yourself a vibrator and you’d be the happiest of them all! take care of yourself. you’re beautiful.

        with love


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