Confessions: The Morning After the Night Before…

With my mind still buzzing away from previous nights frivolities…and the lack of sleep and too much wine was making this particular Friday a very slow one. What had I just done. Did I really just spend the night with a complete stranger.

In true Sam fashion, I started analysing it all. Yes we had good chemistry, he made me feel so comfortable but there was something about Seth that I just couldn’t put my finger on. Was it that he was a cheeky chap…I wasn’t the biggest fan of his accent or grammar (or the lack of) which is saying something because my grammar is also iffy. (Note: English is both of our 2nd language!). Or was it that he became too comfortable too quickly. He didn’t have a job but was doing bits and bobs. I wasn’t sure what the bit’s and bobs were…mind he was running late the night before … lots of questions swirled in my mind and all around.

Mercifully the day ended and I went back to my flat. I needed to pack actually! I was going to be flying out to Australia in a couple of days to be with my elder sister who was about 8.5 months pregnant (and had unfortunately suffered two miscarriages previously). While packing, I realised I had left my beloved statement necklace at Seth’s place. So I sent him a message and asked if I could pick it up or if he could drop it off. (Now I can’t remember what the actual wording was but later in the evening and according to the trained male eye of my flatmate, he said that it was bit of a suggestion / invitation!).

The next thing I know, Seth called, he was going to drop it off and I was grateful because I was shattered and had too many things to organise. So I gave him my address and went about running my errands and eventually settled in for the night watching Planet Earth or something with my flatmate.

Shortly after 10pm, the door bell goes. Patrick (my flatmate at the time) and I looked at each other and I was like oh it’s Seth dropping off the necklace, he’ll be 2 seconds. I opened the door and there he was – dressed in my colours of blues and tan and again there was the smile that I was very much attracted to! But what’s he holing!!!!??? A bottle of red wine!!! It’s 10am. I’m leaving tomorrow! Wait…is this a booty call!?? I said hello and we went into my room so we wouldn’t disturb Patrick.

Seth was there for action and ready to stay! I told him sorry but ‘I need to pack and sleep…’ but he was insisting on just having a glass of wine and then he’d be on his way. After much to’ing and fro’ing, I had to tell him no. He finally accepted it but immediately decided to add me as a friend of Facebook. I kept thinking at this point…could I lie about not having FB? I’ve only just met the guy and yes we’ve done the deed but I don’t really know him!!! In the end, he won and we became Facebook friends that night before I turned him away so he could go back home.

Patrick and I laughed about it and confirming it was a booty call. He did bring my necklace over (phew) but oh well no harm done. Later that night, as I lay in bed…I could hear something. Wait…I think Patrick is pleasuring himself 😉 and I got very hot and bothered and a crazy part of me wanted to knock on his door and give him a helping hand. My head and heart was pounding. NOW OR NEVER I told myself…You have nothing to lose (except an awesome flatmate!) and I marched in my room and went to the loo to listen more carefully but in the end – sanity prevailed and I didn’t take that leap. THANK GOD. That would be an entirely different narrative! Hahaha 🙂

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